Here Are Some Morning Links!

  • The first image from Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine has been released, and it definitely looks like a movie, or at LEAST a picture. -Collider
  • Wreck-It Ralph has released a half-hour mockumentary that “takes on” King of Kong, and I have not watched it yet both because I just found out about it and because I haven’t seen Wreck-It Ralph yet, but you should watch it! -FilmThrasher 
  • MGM’s Poltergeist remake is going to be directed by Monster House director Gil Kenan, since he already knows how to do movies about monster houses. (Send that one to Leno 4me, plz.) -/Film
  • Leonardo DiCaprio did a very good Jack Nicholson face impression (the best kind of impression) on a Japanese TV. Check it out, it’s gross! -Dlisted
  • Slate asks, “Has Nashville become a dream ballet?” And I answer, “Does that mean something good? If it means something good, then yes. Nashville 4ever.” -Slate
  • I feel like we could all use a treat, being that it is not Friday yet and, for the love of God, when will it be Friday, so let’s all watch this Bad Lip Reading of The Amazing Spiderman! -FilmDrunk