How Was Everyone’s Day Today?

How was everyone’s day today? I got a text from Kelly a few hours ago saying that there were some pretty good crowd warm up dance contests going on at the Steve Wilkos show taping, so she is doing pretty well, although I texted her back with the BREAKING NEWS that it was announced today that Community is doing a “puppet episode,” so it’s not a great day to be out of the office. Sorry, Kelly. Personally, I had a piece of quiche for breakfast, that is right, you deal with that, put that in your pipe and smoke that, smoke quiche, so I am not complaining. But obviously it’s also a tough day for all of us, as expressed so beautifully by Sean Penn in a statement he released to the Hollywood Reporter regarding the loss of our friend:

“Today the people of the United States lost a friend it never knew it had. And poor people around the world lost a champion,” says Penn in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter. “I lost a friend I was blessed to have. My thoughts are with the family of President Chavez and the people of Venezuela.”

Tough day, guys. But together we will get through this, as a FAMILY. It might give everyone some comfort to share their favorite Hugo Chavez stories, if not closure, since none of us will be able to fully move on until we know for sure whether or not the CIA has developed the capacity to assassinate its enemies with cancer. But we will always have our memories. The CIA can’t take those away. They aren’t the Men in Black lol! Two separate agencies lol! And we will always have each other. Until the CIA picks us off one by one with incurable diseases. Yikes! Rest in Peace, Hugo. Hang in there, Sean Penn. Stay healthy, everyone.