Best New Party Game: Spring Break Movies!

Let me begin by saying that I do not know when “Spring Break” is. Is it now? I know Spring Breakers comes out on March 22 — is it then? I tried to find out on the Internet and on some message board a guy said that if you want to avoid spring break youths on your vacation you have to block out the entire month of March, so I am going with that guy. SPRING BREEEEEEAAAAAAAK! I can’t remember a time when I was so relieved that it was almost spring. (Only because I have a terrible memory? I’m sure I’m this relieved every year.) I’m staring out my window right now, which is RAISED, and the sun is STILL IN THE SKY! R U SERIOUS? THE SUN? AT 5:30PM?!?! That is more than enough reason to celebrate with a party game, if you ask me. SPRING BREAK MOOOOVIEEEES!

  • The Princess and the Señor Frog
  • Sunscreenshine
  • Jennifer’s Body Shot
  • The (Super Gross) Beach 
  • Do Drink the Water, Seriously, and Be Careful

Fun fun fun! Now it’s your turn, yay! (Sand image via Shutterstock.)