Here Are Some Morning Links!

  • I sent this video of the nervous and very charming BBC Radio 1 personality Chris Stark interviewing Mila Kunis to Gabe and pretty much all he had to say about it was that it was “unprofessional,” which is I guess fair enough because he does ask her on a few different dates and 0 questions about the movie, but also it is wonderful and I think you’re going to enjoy it! -Gawker
  • “A Fan’s Notes on Gilmore Girls.” -TheAwl
  • Speaking of Gilmore Girls, Alexis Bledel has signed on to star in a a Fox pilot with Jason Ritter, meaning Jason Ritter will have dated both “Gilmore Girls” back-to-back. Worst boyfriend ever, after Dean! LOL. -Deadline
  • This is a supercut dedicated to the art of the steadicam, which is similar to things we’ve seen before on the ‘net, but also it’s still great? Always worth a watch. -/Film
  • Harrison Ford is going to be in Anchorman 2. Actors be acting! I hope there aren’t any SNAKES on set, LOL. Lots of laughs 2day. -FilmDrunk
  • You should turn your office vending machine into a TARDIS, but make sure it’s a vending machine with snacks rather than drinks. “How do we know what snacks we’re getting?!” “Doctor WHO CARES!” -HyperVocal