Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • If you have some time and the desire, here are a bunch of deleted scenes (20 minutes of them) from The Master, never before released online. -SlashFilm
  • We’ve talked about this FaceCake CLUELESS CLOSET that uses Kinect to let shoppers try on clothing and be Cher from Clueless before, but this video is much better! Look at it again! -Mashable
  • “I’m 6ft 5. Today I went to the GoT food truck, met Bran Stark, and he called me Hodor and climbed on my back,” says some guy on reddit. And there’s a picture! Winter is coming! -WarmingGlow
  • Apparently Charlie Sheen is NOT going to be Lindsay Lohan’s life coach, which is not a thing that I knew was maybe going to happen but is good to hear in any case. -Dlisted
  • Slate has a chat every week about certain TV shows (they did the last season of Parenthood and I CANNOT believe that I was not asked to come and chat with them) and they’re currently doing a chat series about girls, and here is their chat about last night’s Hannah/OCD ep. What did you think about that? I know we usually talk on Fridays, but tell me. -Slate
  • Jack the Giant Slayer didn’t do very well! Oh noooooooo, JACK! -FilmDrunk