Idris Elba To Take A Year Off From Acting To Focus On Who Cares What It Is Hi Idris Elba!

Idris Elba is taking a year off from acting to focus on BEING SMOKIN’ HOT AM I RIGHT, LADIES? AND ALSO FELLAS?! LOL! Seriously though, Idris Elba could take a year off from acting to focus on the PHONE BOOK and I don’t think anyone would mind. From the StandardUK:

Idris Elba is taking a year away from acting to focus on his lesser-known career as a musician.

“This year, I’m not going to work as an actor and I’m going to put my mind into music,” he said. “It’s a progression thing with me. I want to make music but I don’t want to shove it down people’s throats. People are just barely getting to know me as an actor. But I do it from the heart, I’m not doing it for money — I just enjoy doing it.

“I’ve been asked to do lots of collaborations. I did something with Milk, which is a great band and an odd collaboration, I’ve done stuff with Jay-Z on his album American Gangster, so there’s bits and pieces that I’m just going to keep moving forward with.”

OK, Idris Elba! Whatever you say! I am sure that it is a progression with you, whatever that means, and that this is part of that progression. You take as much time as you need, my man. Your face will still be there when you get back, right? You’re not taking a year off to recover from Face/Off surgery? That would be the one thing that Idris Elba could take a year off to focus on where I would be like, well hold on and let’s just think this through a little more. AM I RIGHT ABOUT THINKIN’ IT THROUGH, LADIES?!