Guys, don’t talk about people behind their backs! I don’t care if you are the KING OF ENGLAND, it’s not a nice thing to do*. If you think someone’s breath smells, you should be nice and just tell them, they will probably appreciate your honesty! You don’t need to call them “meat mouth,” it’s just plain rude. Isn’t that right, Jonah Hill?! From the Enquirer (via Celebitchy):

Jonah Hill is doing his best to watch his weight, but a low-carb diet he’s been following has left him with terrible bad breath!

Although the 29-year-old Superbad star cut back on booze and greasy food as part of a bid to get in shape, his stinkmouth — which pals say is a result of his mostly-meat meals — is driving people away.

“He has rancid breath all the time,” revealed an insider. “People have started calling him ‘meat mouth’ behind his back. The sad thing is that Jonah is actually superhygienic.”

The SAD thing is that Jonah is actually superhygienic? No. Sorry, Enquirer, but you are confused about what is the sad thing. Obviously our thoughts and prayers are with Jonah Hill’s breath during this difficult time.

*Just kidding! I do think that you should mostly be prepared to say anything that you have to say directly to someone’s face, otherwise you are a liar and a coward, but also WHO ISN’T A LIAR AND A COWARD EVEN FOR THE MOST PART, and not talking behind people’s back raises the question: THEN WHAT ON EARTH ARE WE GOING TO TALK ABOUT?! That being said, having secret mean nicknames for people is very stale. Not fresh, guys. Can it.