This Video Of A Sun Flare Is Great And You Should Watch It

In the world of entertainment news right now, it seems like most of everyone is still stuck on the Oscars. The Internet (and probably omg NOW!?) seems to be specifically focused on anything to do with Jennifer Lawrence (no doy, though) (she’s great), whether or not Tina Fey will ever host an Academy Awards in the future even though she says she will not at every opportunity, and whether or not Seth MacFarlane will ever host again even though he Tweeted that he would not and we all know both late night interviews and Tweets are binding Entertainment Law agreements to which each of these entertainers will be held, no matter how much money is showered over them from an Oscars helicopter flying over their mansion 2x a day. So rather than focus on all of that NONSENSE (seriously, why are we all so focused on what these people are saying about next year’s Academy Awards? none of what they’re saying means anything at this point and also WE JUST GOT PAST THIS YEAR’S STUPID ACADEMY AWARDS! SHHHHH HUSH HUSH) do you guys just want to focus on this crazy video of a sun flare that NASA recently uploaded to YouTube? It’s very cool. (Or, it’s very HOT. Lol.) You’re gonna like it, I swear. More than that other garbage.

Yeah that’s crazy but BUT C’MON TINA, PLEEEEASE?! YOU AND AMY, 100 YEARS FROM NOW?! (Via TheAwesomer.)