How Was Everyone’s Day Today?

Hellooooo, nurses! How was everyone’s day today? Are you feeling a little down in the dumps, maybe? You aren’t having a great week so far, and work has been really stressful, and the few bright moments that you have experienced this week mainly came from Jennifer Lawrence’s Oscars acceptance speech, and her post-Oscars press interview, and that interview she did that Jack Nicholson interrupted, and also arguing about whether or not she should be called J-Law? And you just wish you could have some sort of Jennifer Lawrence-related pick me up that will cost you somewhere in the neighborhood of oh-my-goodness to A-WOOOOO-GA! Well then what are you doing here, GET ON OVER TO THE JENNIFER LAWRENCE DIRTY SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK CLOTHING AUCTION! Yes, the sports bra and t-shirt she wore while dancing with an oddly handsome Bradley Cooper (and handsome in a way that makes you nervous, because what if you find people with anger issues and other mental problems more handsome than men without?) in a movie COULD BE YOURS! IF YOU BID THE HIGHEST! WHICH WILL CERTAINLY BE SO MUCH MONEY! AND THEN MAYBE YOU’LL NEVER HAVE A BAD DAY AGAIN! Silver Linings Auction. J-Law aside, how was your day? Mine was fine, thank you for asking!