Worlds Been Had Colliding: Odd Future Donald Trump Photo Bomb Edition

Admittedly, this is not a very good case of Worlds Been Had Colliding since they were all just in a green room for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and who even knows what goes on in those green rooms. They’re a celebrity petri dish filled with lukewarm deli platters. Also I don’t like how many websites have picked up on this story as if Donald Trump is the asshole who got photobombed by some American hero. They are BOTH assholes. (Tyler the Creator sings on a regular basis about beating women in the face, and when he is not doing that he is calling everyone faggot. Frankly, I don’t find anything that he does to be particularly cute or interesting. People who dismiss–or applaud–his “antics” as the anarchic spirit of rebellious youth can go fuck themselves because you don’t have to be 100 years old to know how to not be such a fucking asshole. And people who explain it away as an immutable fixture of hip hop culture are confused about whether or not we all just have to blindly accept the uglier aspects of said culture, because we don’t, and if it is all as much of an act as many rappers will admit, then how about we find a new act!) All of that being said, I do love a good photobomb, and I also like that long after the fact, when Donald Trump figured out what happened, he sent out a Tweet referring to Tyler as a “wise guy.” Haha. We have fun. (Via HyperVocal.)