Today We Are All This Little Boy Dancing At An LMFAO Concert

Here’s the thing, guys: when you think about it, life is kind of like one big LMFAO concert. STAY WITH ME HERE FOR ONE SECOND. For one thing, you can barely even understand how you got here. You definitely don’t remember buying a ticket and are not convinced you would have if given the choice. Sometimes you look around you and it seems like everyone else is enjoying themselves, which makes you feel very lonely, because it’s like what is so fun about this? How are you enjoying this? But maybe some of them secretly aren’t enjoying themselves and they feel just as trapped and tortured about this whole LMFAO concert (see: life) as you, but the music is too loud to have an open and honest conversation about it anyway. But then some days, like today, you catch a real glimpse of yourself and you realize hey, whether I like it or not, I am at the LMFAO concert (PLEASE REMEMBER THIS IS A METAPHOR, NO ONE HAS ACTUALLY EVER BEEN TO AN LMFAO CONCERT) and while I am here at the LMFAO concert I might as well make the most of it because it is up to me whether I am going to slump down in my seat and close my eyes and plug up my ears with my fingers or whether I am just going to get up and dance for all of the world to see. TODAY WE DANCE! (Via BuzzFeed.)