Jared Leto Got A Dope New Back Tattoo Because Twitter

Well, every part of this story is an absolute DELIGHT! Apparently, Jared Leto “promised” that he would show off his new back tattoo if he got a million followers on Twitter, and then he did, and now he has kept his promise. See what I mean? About this story being a TREAT? First of all, DOPE back tattoo, Jared. I mean, back tattoos in general are already WONDERFUL and A SMART CHOICE TO MAKE IN LIFE, but this one is PARTICULARLY AWESOME. Second of all, it’s great to hear that a million people are following Jared Leto on Twitter. Frankly, I think 100 million should be following him, even though his Twitter page actually appears to be broken at the moment, probably Twitter servers were just FLOODED by people trying to get a glimpse at that DELICIOUS tattoo. All in all, what this story reminds me is that everyone, from Jared Leto to people on Twitter, have their priorities in order, make good decisions, and all-in-all work hard on a daily basis to make this world a great place to live. Thank you all xoxox. (Via Style.MTV.)