Counterpoint: It Is Time To Admit That Game Of Thrones Is Inherently Great

Guys, please know that if you ever find it exhausting or a downer that I complain and criticize things on a daily basis, you will never find it more exhausting or more of a downer than myself. And while I feel like we have been down this road before (more than once before at that) I may not write about them as much but there are lots of things that I enjoy thoroughly and think are very good and exciting (example: HOUSE OF CARDS) and one of those things is Game of Thrones which returns to TV at the end of March, which is very soon. Yes, the Oscars suck, but this show doesn’t! Are you excited to see new episodes of this TV show? Do you guys like stuff? What do you like the most? Who are you wearing? What is for breakfast? Can I go back to bed now?