This Week In Comedy Open Thread

WHAT A BEAUTIFUL WEDDING! One thing you could never accuse Parks and Recreation of is being a nasty show full of horrible monster people who treat each other like garbage, because it is the exact opposite of that! What a sweet show! Most of my favorite comedic moments in this week’s episodes (by the way, when the wedding episode ended I could not believe there was a whole other episode — that wedding episode felt very long!) came from Andy. Specifically when he said “love you grandma” as the old lady closed her door on him and April. Hahah. Very good. The wedding episode was so sweet and beautiful that the second episode got a bit lost in the sweet and beautiful shuffle for me, but again I loved a bunch of Andy bits, specifically when he told everyone how he felt and it was a list of things people feel when they are depressed. A+. Good show! Bob’s Burgers was very sweet this week, too, and also very funny! It was nice to see tough old Bob not be able to hold things together with Linda gone. MY ONE PEEVE was that the super market was a Trader Joes parody but also they said that it was a very cheap grocery store? UH-NUHUH. NOT A PARTICULARLY CHEAP GROCERY STORE AT ALL! Otherwise it was perfect. Very happy whenever Tina is happy. Very happy whenever they sing. I enjoyed Girls a lot this week. Adam and Whats-his-face were a good pair. I loved that Marnie thought she was co-hosting the party with that guy. When he exploded at her at the end, saying that she didn’t want to be with him because she actually liked him and neither did anyone else, it felt very similar to when Thomas John exploded at Jessa two episodes ago or whenever. Like, you first assume that they want you to be on the side of the Girl but then the guy says the thing you’ve been thinking and it’s like, wait a sec, he’s saying the right thing! U KNO? You saw it, you know. That was great, though. Stupid Marnie, you big dumb dumb. #ebook. Community was fine! Enjoyable. What’s going on with Annie and Jeff? Nothing, I hope? Sexual tension filler until the end of the series? I guess! I liked the joke about Pierce screwing up the American version of Inspector Spacetime. Ahhh, what else. New Girl was fine but not great. Kind of like they tried to do a bottle episode without the bottle? “If you’re going to do a bottle episode, do a damn bottle episode!” -Kelly. LUVING the Nick&Jess stuff though. N+J=4ever. Kroll Show was also very good. The intro always makes me feel like I’m going to violently hate it, but then I love it! Kroll Show. WHAT DID YOU THINK NOW?