Kristen Stewart Is Hollywood’s “Least Sexy” Actress, Says Some British Dudes

British gadget website, which you might remember from just kidding, I don’t think you’re going to know what is. (Unless you do! It is certainly possible that you do, almost anything is possible. It’s possible that someone is typing the same exact sentence that I am right now somewhere else in the world and their name is ALSO Kelly and they are ALSO about to show you some nonsense garbage. Plz visit and see if it looks familiar.) (Be warned, though, that it might just look familiar because it looks like sites from when the Internet was new and you’d just type random words and add .com and see if the website existed.) (, Anyway they have done a poll (for the Oscars? I have no idea how this is for the Oscars, but they say it is for the Oscars) and have found Kristen Stewart to be Hollywood’s least sexy actress. From The Independent:

Twilight star Kristen Stewart is the Hollywood actress men would least like to get their teeth into. She topped a poll of British men to find the least sexy actresses – and proved to be more undesirable than Sarah Jessica Parker and Lindsay Lohan.

Stewart – who had a fling with married director Rupert Sanders while dating movie hunk Robert Pattinson – was seen in her final Twilight film Breaking Dawn Part 2 last year.

The poll was held ahead of the Oscars, which are being staged in Los Angeles this weekend. A spokesman for MenKind said: “Our Oscars poll has been a fascinating insight into the minds of British men – it’s shown that sexiness is far more than appearance.

“They were turned off by volatile and moody actresses as well as ice queens. And they don’t want to see unhealthily skinny starlets on the big screen.”

Hahah. OSCARS POLL? Plz tell me Y oscars poll. “Oh, we only asked people named Oscar.” What a bunch of heros. “They were turned off by how a very young woman is still facing public scrutiny over a personal and private mistake that she immediately owned up to and apologized for, even though it is none of anyone’s business in the first place, and also they were turned off by how most of these actresses are kind of not really in the public eye anymore at this point and don’t really need to be told they are not sexy, or they’re older than young, or they’re Lindsay Lohan.” Here is the full list:

1. Kristen Stewart
2. Sarah Jessica Parker
3. Lindsay Lohan
4. Denise Richards
5. Kirsten Dunst
6. Mischa Barton
7. Hilary Swank
8. Lucy Liu
9. Tilda Swinton
10. Uma Thurman

DO YOU AGREE WITH THE LIST just kidding. This is all very stupid. You would’ve expected better from one of’s famous Oscars polls just kidding again, LET’S ALL GO HOME AND TAKE A NAP AND TRY NOT TO DREAM OF THESE HORRIBLE WOMEN!