The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

I found out recently that a friend of mine has gotten a new job at PetSmart, or some such, and part of her job is that she has to train the puppies and I know this is a probably not true when you actually have the job but, uh, THAT SOUNDS LIKE THE MOST PERFECT JOB I’VE EVER HEARD OF IN MY LIFE. I’m sure there are so many bad things about it, including the guilt of training puppies at a PetSmart and not cleaning puppies at a shelter or something along those lines, but holy moly. “I train puppies.” That’s what she says when someone asks her what her job is. Can you imagine? SERIOUSLY, CAN YOU IMAGINE? “Imagine going into work / To train all of those puppies,” sung to the tune of “Imagine.” Anyway. ARE YOU READY FOR SOME ANIMAL VIDEOOOOOOOS?

10. Begging Pup

9. Horses In Love

8. Relaxing Cat And Dog

7. Crows On Cars

6. Monkey Loves Grapes

5. Wake Up, Chimp!

4. Springer Spaniel Feeds Orphaned Lamb

3. Desert Rain Frog

2. Bunny Amputee Lily

1. Matty The Baby Sloth

Man, there sure are a lot of videos about disabled animals with cute little carts instead of legs popping up recently! And they’re all VERY HEARTWARMING! But, sadly, not as heartwarming as a sloth kind of giving a lady a piece of a flower. Oh well. Better luck next time, sweet bunny. The only thing wrong about the desert rain frog is that every time I look at it I think of the song “I Dream of Rain” by Sting, which is not terrible, I’m just sick of it. Everything else about the frog is perfect, though. “Springer Spaniel Feeds Orphaned Lamb” almost didn’t make it on the list AT ALL because it’s staged and a promotion for something (probably) but YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE and THAT VIDEO IS VERY CUTE. Likewise with sleepy chimp. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS (US)!