Here Are Some Morning Links!

  • This is just a nice pizza box featuring George Clooney. -BuzzFeed
  • Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night Hashtags: #AwkwardDate -ClipNation
  • Down For The Count: All The Deaths In Tarantino’s Movies -VanityFair
  • Crawley Girls, A Downton Abbey Mixtape -KQED
  • ‘Mickey Rooney Manipulates’ -EverythingIsTerrible
  • A Good CLAY To Die Hard -TheDailyDot
  • The Action Film Alphabet -LaughingSquid
  • How Ordinary People Managed To Beat Raging Bull -Grantland
  • Marion Cotillard Is “In Love” With Jennifer Lawrence, mon dieu! -OhNoTheyDidn’t
  • 25 Things You Didn’t Know About Amanda Bynes, oh brother. -PinkIsTheNewBlog
  • Look at this f*cking Princess Bride wedding! “Mawwiage is what brings us together.” -OffbeatBride
  • Don’t Call Me Oscar: One Child’s Journey Through The Best Picture Nominees -Don’tCallMeOscar
  • Fergie announced her pregnancy by posting this photoshopped picture on Instagram of she and Josh Duhamel together as kids, kinda weird choice, but maybe let’s not think too hard on this one. -Dlisted