This Week In GIFs!

We didn’t talk about when Marco Rubio took an awkward sip from his water bottle (#waterbottlegate) very much this week, but I’m SURE you saw all the fuss about it on your Tumblrs and your Twitters and your TVs, and it will certainly go down as the Most Famous GIF from the week of Feb. 8 – Feb. 15, 2013, so I couldn’t not include it. So here it is! TAKE THAT SIP, RUBIO! OVER AND OVER, UNTIL WE CLICK AWAY FROM THE PAGE! And now let’s get to GIFs of the things we did talk about, weee!

Justin Bieber hosted Saturday Night Live!

Courtney Stodden went shopping with her dad and released her music video finally!

Gabe talked about loving House of Cards!

Bruce Willis received France’s highest cultural honor!

The Harlem Shake is a pretty good meme!

The world is ending!

And, finally, we watched a bunch of comedy on TV!