What Should The “Tag” Movie Be Called?

I know that the idea of a “tag” movie — “tag” being the playground game, not any other kind of tag (skin tag) — sounds laughable, and may remind you of that Extreme Musical Chairs gameshow the CW tried to get going last year (which, by the way, I don’t know what happened with) (is it America’s #1 show?), but it’s not quite as laughable as it might seem! Look, from SlashFilm:

For 23 years, a group of friends from Washington state have been playing a game of tag. [Ed. Note: I know, but stay with it.] It started in high school, and went through college. Rules eventually developed that turned it into a no-holds-barred, nationwide game that goes on every year throughout the month of February. Who ever is “it” will travel all over the country to tag one of their competitors, sometimes creating elaborate schemes to do so. Whoever is “it” at the end of the month is “it” for the whole year.

In January, the novel idea caught the interest of a Wall Street Journal reporter who turned it into a human interest story. Since then, the Tag Brothers, as they’ve been coined, have been fielding pitches from Hollywood producers who want to turn their real life game into a movie.

Wednesday, the Tag Brothers sold the rights to their story to Broken Road producer Todd Garner. He’ll create a pitch and take it to Hollywood studios.

Those included in the game of tag travel around the world and set up pranks, apparently, and hire people to play parts in the pranks to fool the people trying to tag them, etc., and it all seems very elaborate and expensive, but also kind of fun to hear about? I would DEF 4 SURE listen to the This American Life episode about this game of tag. Would I watch the movie? I don’t know! Maybe. Who’s in it? What’s the spin? Is it romantic, or no? What’s it called? Who’s directing? (Is it the Duplass Bros?) (If it’s the Duplass Bros then I would see it, but I’d know beforehand that I would not like it.) Oh, you don’t know any of the answers yet? No one does? Well, do you want to throw around a few ideas for the “what’s it called” question? Ok, great! If you want! Here are mine: 

  • Tag!
  • You’re It!
  • Tag, You’re It!
  • The Game
  • The Players
  • 23 Years of Tag
  • That’s A Game (TAG)
  • We’ve Been Doing This For A Very Long Time!
  • Tag: The Game: The Movie: The Lifestyle?
  • It (Not The Clown One)
  • The Tag Movie
  • The Social Netwo-TAG!

Good! I did a great job. Now it’s your turn! Tag! You’re it! Ha-ha!