Shhhh, Don’t Wake Up Will Smith!

Shhhh! Will Smith is taking a nap! Try not to wake him up. He’s had such a long day. Poor little guy. Probably worn out from all of that BALCONY FUN he was having with Kim and Kanye. (Can we also talk about how it is actually kind of boss to not go to the Grammys when you are nominated for Grammys and also how Kanye’s friend Jay-Z won the whole Grammys when his entire acceptance speech was just making fun of The Dream’s hat because he could not give less of a fuck about the whole thing? See also: Hi, Solange. But we will talk about this later. When Will Smith wakes up from his nap. We would not want to disturb him.) Oh, and if the paparazzi photographer who took this photo of a grown man taking a nap is reading this, congratulations on all of the choices you are making in life. You have seen a vision of success in your head and you are going after that vision with real gusto. It’s inspiring to watch. Now hush. Goodnight.