Courtney Stodden Goes Shopping With Her Dad

Here’s a photo of Courtney Stodden walking down Hollywood Boulevard as she goes shoe shopping with her dad, Alex Stodden, who is apparently in Los Angeles for the “premiere” (?!) of Courtney’s new music video, “Reality.” Sure! Just a father and daughter, being totally normal human beings. Maybe after they find some nice shoes he can take her out for ice cream!!!! Daddy’s little girl. (Gross.) You guys, how scary is having kids, though, right? I just mean, like, it’s such a huge commitment and life change and you are now first and foremost a parent until the day that you die, which is fine, because there isn’t really a huge alternative, but it’s still a lot to accept. And I’m not trying to be some kind of heteronormative monster with that “no alternative” comment or anything, lots of people don’t have children for lots of reasons, and if gay people have children they are faced with the same dilemmas. What I mean by “no alternative” is that the rearing of children is one of THE major experiences and potential “purposes” of being on this Earth, and if you don’t take part in it, you are missing out on a key element of “being human.” That’s up to you! But, either way you’re in for a bit of pain, I think. Either you have some kids and deal with all of that, or you don’t have kids and deal with all of that. Tough stuff however you want to cut it. But so imagine that you have a kid, right, and you give up so much of your own identity or at the very least free time, and you now dedicate your life, which has really only just begun in so many ways, to them and then after 18 years of this they grow up and are like, “Mom, dad, I have something I need to tell you. I think I’m Courtney Stodden.” It’s a tough morning, but you love them anyway. They’re your kid!

Click through to enlarge! (Photo via Celebuzz.)