Sweet Brown For Teeth

Huh. Personally, I’m not sure that I would be more inclined to go to a dentist because they used Sweet Brown in their ad. No offense to Sweet Brown or the practitioners of the art of dentistry, I just don’t see one of them as being particularly indicative of the quality and/or expertise of the other. “Ooh, Sweet Brown goes there? She has the finest teeth in the whole county! I’m sure that she has had many offers to appear in dentist office ads, but waited until she could be sure that she was truly endorsing the most skilled dentist.” Nah. But also, I am a big fan of her throwing in an enthusiastic “I do got time for that” because that is some Michael Ginsberg shit that Don drunkenly steals in a meeting because he’s all out of ideas after fucking Megan on his living room floor. It’s just weird that she’s literally wasting that on some local dentist commercial as if “I do got time for that” is something anyone would ever say about a dentist. That would have been much better in an ad for, I don’t know, what’s something that takes a long time but is worth it? Coming to the slow and difficult realization that life really is painfully short and that while it’s important to have dreams and work towards them, it is more important to come to some kind of day-to-day peace with where you are at on your path at any given moment because as trite as the throw pillow sounds it truly is the journey and not the destination so you need to learn to enjoy it? Where do they sell that? Which store? Which Super Bowl ad was that? (Via Dlisted.)