This Week In GIFs!

FRIDAY GIFDAY! THANK GOD! I don’t know about you but I cannot wait to be at home, snowed in (possibly) (maybe not?) (I’M NOT LEAVING EITHER WAY), eating guacamole, and not even thinking for one second about the Pussy Posse (“gross, sorry” – Gabe) or your girlfriend, or anything else. I’m just going to throw my computer right out the window into the snow (or not snow) and say goodbye and never look back (until Monday). But while are computers are not in the snow, let’s take one more quick look back at our week!

We watched a bunch of Super Bowl commercials together!

We were introduced to Kai the hitchhiker!

The Pussy Posse got back together!


Steven Seagal is a dangerous buffoon!

And, finally, we watched a lot of comedy on TV!