Please Hold Your Judgment: Windless Kite Flying

Oh, you can be so quick to judge. “Windless kite flying to an orchestral version of — I mean, first of all, can we focus on windless kite flying by itself for a second? Sorry to take the WIND OUT OF HIS SAILS hahahaha, but, like, “windless kite flying” sounds like a joke hobby Criss would have on 30 Rock, R.I.P., that he would try to pass off as legitimate and then Liz Lemon would just roll her eyes and be more upset with him than before he said it, you know? Like, ‘why don’t you have any real hobbies and also get a job,’ is what she would be thinking. But then you add to it the fact that this guy is flying a kite sans wind in an auditorium to an ORCHESTRAL VERSION OF “PAINT IT BLACK”? Hahahaha. Oh, please. Hahaha. Please.” That’s you, being just the biggest, most judgmental jerk on the planet, who barely even deserves to see how beautiful this windless kite flying routine is. YOU BETTER TAKE IT BACK! TAKE IT BACK OR NO JUMP!

Hahahahahaha. It is still very funny, but also HE DOES A GREAT JOB! (Via Kottke.)