Walter White Cat Means We’re At Least Done For TODAY, Right?

I know when things like this (babies dressed up like the cast of Community, a porcupine that hums the Friday Night Lights theme, a playable 8-bit “Garfield Minus Garfield” RPG online game, etc.) pop up online, bloggers are always quick to announce that such and such has “won” the Internet, and that the Internet can be done now. Obviously we at Videogum are always all for someone calling for the Internet to be done, but that is not even what we asking for here, with this cat dressed up as Walter White from Breaking Bad (obvious “Internet winner” bait). All we are asking for here is: Can we at least be done FOR TODAY? This is enough, right? We did it? We met our quota? Shut down all the blogs and let’s all head out to eLunch, and hey, sure, let’s order a beer with lunch and then take a nap afterwards, I think we deserve it? Cat + Breaking Bad = Enough? Right, guys? HELLO? (Via Vulture.)