What Board Game Reality Show Would You Want To Be On?

It’s always difficult (“difficult”) when we ask a question in the title of the post and then have to wait for such a long time (about 100 words before we get to the end of the post) before getting to your answers, because I just want to get to your answers right now (OUIJA BOARD!), but I guess that’s just life: a string of incredibly difficult things that we just have to suffer through until you can finally go to sleep with the angels. So to get to it, so we can really get to it: There is going to be a Clue-based reality game show! From The Hollywood Reporter:

Produced by Zuiker’s Dare to Pass and Cris Abrego’s 51 Minds, Whodunnit? takes a lighter approach to the procedural with contestants vying to determine which one of them committed a fictional murder. The 13 would-be sleuths will follow the Clue formula, imploring real life crime scene investigation techniques to uncover and discern the staged evidence.

Much like the movie inspired by the classic game, contestants will also stay together in a glitzy estate. A new crime will be presented each week so that they might advance in the game. The finale will find one player unmasking the killer to win a $250,000 prize.

Oooh lala. “It was Billy, in the sex room, I MEAN CONFESSIONAL, with the, ahh, fake books?” Although this does not sound like a reality show I would want to watch, especially because Real World: Vegas is available on Amazon Instant so why waste your time when you could be getting refreshed on a CLASSIC?, this DOES sound like a reality show that I would want to be on IF there were no cameras and it was just me and my friends living in a mansion for a few days, playing this game if we feel like it. (Also the mansion has a big pool with a slide.) That leads me to my question: What board game reality show would you want to be on? This one? OUIJA BOARD REALITY SHOW? (There are several ghosts haunting the mansion or fancy apartment in which you’re staying and you have to get information out of each of them, and whoever the ghosts like more at the end wins an exorcism.) (I would also like to be on that reality show.) Candyland? SCRABBLE? Hahah. Tell meeeee!