ATTN: Jared Leto Needs Your Help!

Just thought I’d pass along this message from our good, totally normal and chill buddy Jared Leto. Are you albino? Do you know anyone who is? Please tell them about Jared Leto’s video! Remember: Every albino you can send his way helps! Just have them call 1-800-JARED-LETO-YUCK-THEWORST-SERIOUSLY and wait for the beep. As soon as they hear the beep have them go outside and dig a hole in their front yard. Did Jared Leto appear in the hole? If not, tell your albino friend that they have to dig a deeper hole, separate from the first. The first hole is ruined. As soon as Jared Leto appears in the second hole they have to shout his name 2x. His head will inflate — do not worry! — and cheek bones will become more pronounced. Once his head inflates to the size of a hot air balloon you (or your friend) will climb into his arms (should be clasped tight for safety) and he will fly you to the music video shoot. You will recognize it as the video shoot from all of the albinos (LOTS) that will be there. Pop the Jared Leto balloon and get to work. Thanks! Ugh! This fucking guy! (Via Uproxx.)