What Is Your Least Favorite Thing About This Video Of Kobayashi Eating A Whole Pizza In One Minute?

Obviously none of us are fans of watching eating contests, right? Like, even when it’s not the hot dog contest on TV or a pie eating contest at the local fair or whatever and instead it’s just our friends or relatives and one of them tells the other than they’ll give them some amount if they eat whatever in whatever amount of time, that is something that we all generally try to put a stop to, or at least a situation from which we always try to remove ourselves? Not only because it is gross but also because it makes us feel sad? ARE YOU ALL SAYING YES? I’ll assume you are all saying yes and move on to apologizing for showing you this video of Famous Eater Kobayashi eating an entire Dominos pizza in one minute at a Super Bowl party at which he was hired to appear, surrounded by awful dudes screaming at him and taking video with their cellphones. This is all very bad, yes, and I’m sorry, but WHAT IS YOUR LEAST FAVORITE THING ABOUT IT?

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(Via HyperVocal.)