People Say You Shouldn’t Hitchhike, But Good Thing This Guy Was Hitchhiking

There is obviously a lot to process in this video about the homeless hitchhiking surfer who may or may not have killed a man who thought he was Jesus with a hatchet after that man ran someone over with a truck and then masturbated in front of a school. But one thing that is crystal clear is that we definitely need to rethink our general policy on hitchhiking. Sure, it has proven itself to be an almost impossibly dangerous means of transportation on either side of the equation, with many hitchhikers being desperate and destitute people with criminal streaks and or mental health issues, and even when that is not the case, some of the people who are willing to pick up hitchhikers are themselves prone to predatory, violent behavior and see someone cold and alone on the side of the road with no friends or family within easy contact as an easy target. That was the OLD way of seeing these things. Because it turns out a lot MORE people should be hitchhiking, as long as they carry hatchets, have no compunction about using them on people’s heads, get picked up by men on the verge of psychotic breaks, and see a woman in distress after hearing a horrible story from 14 years ago. If you use Kai’s story as an example, we should all be hitchhiking because it seems so GREAT and FUN and definitely not like some kind of coke-fueled NIGHTMARE full of HATCHET-SPLIT HUMAN HEADS, pools of SCHOOL SEMEN, and LOANER WETSUITS COWABUNGA DUDE SURF IS UP! (Thanks for the tip, Sean.)