This Week In GIFs!

As Gabe has already pointed out, this has been a trying week. All of that garbage AND we had to say goodbye to our friends on 30 Rock AND we don’t get to live the lives of either Nick or Jess, so none of us will ever experience that kiss, and now we can’t even watch it again for the first time so it’s like, what is there even left to live for? If we’ve already lived through the first Nick and Jess kiss? UGH. The answer is nothing, but I guess since we still have to be alive we might as well relive some of this stuff in GIIIIIIIIFFFFSSS!

Adam Levine hosted Saturday Night Live and was very bland!

Taylor Swift shared some extraordinary news with us, her close friends!

Russel Brand staged a weird yoga studio walkout!

Entourage: The Movie got the green light!

Bradley Cooper made ladies fall off of their bikes!

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt spent all of their money before the Mayan Apocalypse, obviously!

And, finally, we all watched comedy together and said goodbye to 30 Rock!