How Was Everyone’s Day Today?

I’m not sure if many of you remember the lip-synch controversy that surrounded Beyonce’s performance at President Barack Obama’s inauguration last week, just kidding, I’m sure it’s ALL YOU HAVE BEEN THINKING ABOUT! I was at a party over the weekend during which a man honest-to-god screamed that he was 100% positive that Beyonce DID NOT lip synch during the inauguration and he had REAL ANGER in his voice. It made me very uncomfortable. Some of you guys even e-yelled at us for not talking about it! WELL CAN YOU AT LEAST RELAX KNOWING THAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT IT NOW, PLEASE? Of course, the reason that we are talking about it now is that the Beyonce, during the Super Bowl press conference that aired this afternoon, both admitted to using a backing track at the inauguration, AND performed the National Anthem live, in order to quiet all of the jerks who both have no idea how common backing vocals are in situations like this and have no idea who Beyonce is and have never heard her sing before and think that maybe she doesn’t even have a good voice? You can never be too sure with wildly famous and beloved singers! But, Bey: Why did you do this? I’m glad you were able to clear the air, or whatever, and I suppose you wouldn’t want to leave the rumors hanging over another big performance, but did you really need to sing the song again? We do understand that you are very good at singing! And we are sure that you know the words to the National Anthem! You are still everyone’s favorite! You didn’t have to do this, lady; you have already proven yourself many times over! FIRE WHOEVER TOLD YOU TO DO THIS! In any case, though, that is how Beyonce’s day has been going, and now the lip-synching truth is out there to RUIN YOUR LIFE. “Who can I trust if not Beyonce?!” Ugh. Shut up. Except don’t shut up! How was your day otherwise? I hope it was good! Let’s talk about it!