Biker Gang Public Highway Marriage Proposal

This past weekend, a group of 350 bikers stopped traffic on a freeway in Los Angeles so one of the bikers could propose to his long-time girlfriend. Obviously this goes against all of our rules for marriage proposals (must not be public, must not be documented on the Internet, must not screw up the day of everyone around you, must included paper lanterns) but somehow the whole thing seems less annoying to me than, say, when groups of people get together and do a big song and dance at Disney World or wherever and the girl is like, “what’s going on?!” but really she knows exactly what’s going on, and then they upload it to YouTube immediately? I don’t know why! Probably because I live in New York and do not drive a car. I’m almost positive that if the story were that a bunch of bicyclists took up space on all the subway cars on the F in order for one of them to propose, holy shit, I would hate that so much. I know that isn’t a great example and it doesn’t match exactly, but whatever, relax. I don’t want to think about it anymore because I’m only making myself upset. In any case, I’m sure the fact that driving is not in my everyday routine helps at least somewhat. But I don’t know what else it is? Maybe because it’s actually kind of personal, since the girlfriend is a biker herself, and she requested to be proposed to in front of her biker community. Or maybe it’s because the guy told her family to wait on the overpass, because she also requested that her family be there. (Or maybe it’s because she basically orchestrated the whole damn proposal herself?) Or maybe it’s just because bikers are scary and I wish they would stop riding motorcycles because motorcycles are VERY dangerous. See what you think:

Congratulations, all of you! Love the pink smoke. I’m sure it didn’t alarm anyone driving on the other side and they all knew exactly what was going on and no one got scared and/or called the police. I’m sure no one was late for everything because you felt like your life was more important than theirs. I’m sure WAIT, MAYBE I DO HATE THIS ONE! (Via BoingBoing.)