Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Look, a banana dipped in Nutella that looks like Ron Swanson! It’s a miracle! A delicious apparition. -BuzzFeedFood
  • Watch Disney’s Hand-Drawn/CG Short Paperman In Full -/Film
  • Let’s send some positive thoughts to Ron Jeremy who is about to undergo emergency heart surgery! <3 -ONTD
  • 10 Brutal Reviews From The “January Movie Dump” -TheWeek
  • Who Wore It Better: Leslie Knope or Alicia Keys? -HyperVocal
  • A Doctor Who TV Movie is in the works: WOO WHO! (lol idk) -Deadline
  • New Girl’s Nick & Jess Kiss: Why Jake Johnson Never Saw It Coming -BestWeekEver
  • What celeb has a butterfly tattoo? If you guessed Drew Barrymore, yes, but THAT’S NOT THE ANSWER. -Dlisted
  • 1990s Kirk Cameron & Chelsea Noble video teaches us everything we need to know about abstinence -FilmDrunk