The Videogum Why Don’t YOU Caption It? Contest: Malcolm In The Breaking Bad (I Don’t Know)

There were rumors going around earlier this week that Jane Kaczmarek, the mother from Malcolm in the MIddle, would be appearing in a couple of episodes of the final season of Breaking Bad, which stars Bryan Cranston, the father from Malcolm in the Middle. But apparently this is not true, although according to a source at the show she will be appearing in the DVD extras, as confirmed by this photo Tweeted by Dean Norris (who plays “Policeman #1″ on the show) (and whose Tweet said “Hankum in the MIddle” lolololol). Somehow the fact that she’s appearing on the DVD extras is weirder than if she was just on the show? Her having some small part on the show would be a fun little easter egg for the superfans, but what is the DVD extra going to be? Some MadTV sketch where they reprise their roles as Malcolm’s parents but also meth? Blech. I make the highest grade blue blech in the world when I hear that. Oh well! It’s up to them, not us! It’s someone else’s world we just live in it. Maybe you can have some fun making a caption for this photo, though. Push yourself!

Winner will receive special mention in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. Yeah, bitch! (Get it? Jesse! Our pals!) Image via AVClub.