Saturday Night Live: Adam Levine And Kendrick Lamar

Adam Levine, what a boringly handsome, no-energy robot! Someone refill this guy’s battery pack and install a line memorization chip, we can’t have his eye units permanently fixed on the cue cards unless we want the manufacturer to know he isn’t being properly maintained. PLZ HURRY. Adam Levine was distractingly bad at being a host, unfortunately. I think the lesson learned here is that we can’t all be Justin Timberlakes, especially when we are pieces of cardboard being held together by heavy cream and alfalfa sprouts. Luckily it seemed like the writers understood that a host needs to have at least a basic understand how “real” humans act and respond to various situations and planned, at least in part, around Levine’s incapability. (Hope you are not reading this Adam Levine. If you are please stop and take a private jet to one of your mimosa pools, the Paris location.) (I’m sure your life is incredible.) His monologue, as we will soon see, was cushioned by Andy Samberg, Jerry Seinfeld, and, for whatever reason, (boredom due to lack of sex?), Cameron Diaz. The show was padded with a Digital Short, that wonderful pre-filmed Sopranos High sketch, a pre-filmed Joe Biden thing, and that Rosetta Stone commercial. And I do think that the episode turned out well, considering! Let’s look at some of the sketches.

The aforementioned monologue was the second in a row that did not include a song, which is something to be grateful for in itself. Also Andy Samberg was great. That’s enough, I think. We can’t always base our lives around pointing out the bad, so let’s say that’s enough.

UH, SPEAKING OF GREAT: THE DIGITAL SHORT! Maybe it was because they haven’t been around and absence makes the heart grow fonder, but my heart was super fond if the digital short this week. Very funny. Very surprising. Very welcomed.

Ugh, same with Sopranos High! Kate McKinnon got more time in this episode than she has been getting lately, and I think she did a good job whenever she showed up — especially here as Edie Falco. It was all very enjoyable.

Even though I only have a vague understanding of Ray Lewis, I thought Kenan’s Weekend Update segment was very well done! It ended perfectly, which is not something that always happens with Weekend Update guest spots. (Or anything on Saturday Night Live in general.) Weekend Update was particularly strong this week overall, actually! Except for the Arianna Huffington segment! I do not like those and I don’t really understand why she is a character that keeps coming back. Do that many people know what Arianna Huffington is like to be able to enjoy a parody of her? Anyway, Ray Lewis:

The firehouse sketch felt a bit strange since it was placed so close to the “Circle Work” sketch (or even in the same episode), but after a while it was hard not to laugh at Bill Hader’s screeching.

I really liked the Catfish sketch, especially because of the dig at the Catfish movie, because oh my goodness fuck that movie. Other than that dig though I still think it was a good sketch! Definitely one that you’d have to have seen the Catfish TV show to enjoy, and I’m not sure how many people really have seen that show, but it was well done for that audience. Loved the description of Ace Applebees. Loved all the Nev bashing. Loved, “And he can never visit me because he’s on a Do Not Fly list for being too handsome.”

Finally, Kendrick Lamar performed and was great.