Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Look at this f*cking TARDIS prom dress! -Neatorama
  • Matt Damon’s Takeover of Jimmy Kimmel Live: A Comprehensive Guide (In case you missed it.) -WarmingGlow
  • Oscar Nominated Movies Starring Dogs is as advertised. – TheFW (thanks for the tip, sarah!)
  • Roger Ebert Reviews Quartet (Hi Rog! Love you Rog!) -SunTimes
  • It’s safe to say I like Jim Belushi less after reading this. -FilmDrunk
  • Orange and blue are the colors that dominate movies. Learn something new, it’s Friday! -/Film
  • Fred Armisen On The Multi-Faceted Residents Of Portlandia -CoCreate (thanks for the tip, joe!)
  • Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart are slated to star together in a pair of Broadway plays. Cool! -Deadline