Here Are Some Morning Links!

  • An old pic of John Travolta doing something (I have no idea what) was going around yesterday, and someone smartly photoshopped Progresso soup can phones into his hands! Oh, Internet. Of course you did. See the original here too. -Burbanked
  • John Daly and Nick Kroll ARE Rich Dicks headed to Mexico looking for drugs in Kroll Show’s “The Last Of Our Stash” -KrollShow
  • ’38 Things I Learned At Sundance’ is a highly amusing and informative photo list by the very funny Matt Stopera -BuzzFeed
  • “America’s Best Ghost Costumes are out to spook the competition.” -TheOnion
  • Nick Offerman Reads More Tweets From Young Female Celebrities -HuffPostComedy
  • This is just a very sweet picture of Amy Poehler and Adam Scott at Sundance. -SuicideBlonde
  • Anderson Cooper sat down with John Kennedy Schlossberg (aka “Jack,” grandson of our late president) at the Inauguration to talk about his view on the day. NO I DID NOT JUST GOOGLE HIM TO FIND OUT HOW OLD HE IS BECAUSE HE LOOKS JUST LIKE JOHN JR., HOW DARE YOU ACCUSE ME? -KennedyLegacy