This Week In Comedy Open Thread

“Whaddamy doin’ wrong, Brian?” And with that simple question, television was changed FOREVER. JUST KIDDING. The first time characters on The Office interacted with the documentary crew that has been filming them every day for the past 100 years (I imagine, in the realm of The Office, what they are filming is the creator of How It’s Made’s answer to The Hills) was at the very beginning of the season when Jim and Pam ask, after an interview, why they are still filming them. (Someone responds that everyone wants to know where Jim and Pam end up.) Because of that, this on-screen appearance wasn’t entirely shocking, or at least not as shocking as it would have been in past seasons. But it was still very strange! WHY IS BRIAN SO HANDSOME? Despite being odd and feeling a bit forced (is this really the worst things have gotten, the only moment Mr. Handsome would’ve wanted to step in and stop filming and check out if everyone was ok?), I think the scene was still good. Pam was due for a breaking-down, working full time and raising a baby with her selfish asshole husband gone all the time, and it sets something up. Haha. End of sentence. It seems like something is going to happen, and that is exciting! Moving on, some of you might have heard already that Fox has taken Ben and Kate off of its schedule and has no plans right now (though I imagine it will at some point) to air the final six episodes. That really sucks! That show was totally good enough and so much better than The Mindy Project! Jesus Christ! I can hardly believe how shitty The Mindy Project is, you guys! IS SHE A STRONG, INDEPENDANT WOMAN OR ISN’T SHE? (SHE ISN’T!) (SHE IS ONLY A NIGHTMARE!) Nothing on that show ever happens for a reason, which I know reads hyperbolic, but I genuinely think that is true. Even the moments between Mindy and the other doctor that seem to hint at a sexual tension or the possibility of a future romance seem to only be there because for a sitcom that kind of thing needs to be there, sometimes. It seems like Mindy is quickly burning through all of the romantic comedy/sitcom tropes she knows with no particular plan behind any of it, or memory of what she has done in the past or how her characters would act — the show is wildly inconsistent at best and just incoherently bonkers at worst. Also: Why do they keep trying to tell us that Mindy is constantly working and never has time for a private life? (Let’s take a jump.)

She never works! We have never seen a hint of her working, we have only seen her go on dates and exercise and go to dinner and go shopping and be in her apartment and hang out with buddies and bother her coworkers about getting the life advice that, in the previous scene, she didn’t seem to need. It’s fine if you’ve decided that you don’t want your doctor show to ever show the doctors being doctors because that is not as fun, but first of all maybe don’t make them doctors then, and second of all at least don’t TELL us that Mindy is working so hard when clearly she is not working so hard. Ugh. Not a good show! REMOVE THAT ONE BRING BACK BEN&KATE #2013! New Girl is wonderful. Talk about a show that knows how to build up a friendship that you know is probably going to end up in a romantic relationship! Despite the fact that Schmidt would definitely never let his toenails get gross and I’m not sure why they chose that as his pogo and also Jess has never been much of a know it all, I enjoyed this episode very much. “I’m from Chicago. Thin crust pizza? No thanks. I’m from Chicago,” was very good. Also it was very good how Nick’s pogo was that they’re all just worried about him. Sweet, honest. (“Writers don’t read. We write.”) This show is very enjoyable. Good work. You know what else was good this week? Girls! I dont’ think I’ve ever enjoyed an episode of Girls as much as I enjoyed this week’s episode. Jessa is so great, it was nice to see her again. I loved with Donald Glover yelled at Hannah to get out, because YES PLEASE, PLEASE GET OUT, but it was upsetting that the only reason they added a (handsome, famous) black man to the cast for two seconds was only so they could focus on the fact that he was black and Hannah’s relationship with his blackness and then have him go away. Not really the answer people pointing out the lack of diversity on the show really wanted, I don’t think. Moving on again because man this has gone long this week, 30 Rock was good! Goodbye, TGS! I hope none of you cried, I saw some people on Twitter saying that they cried and you guys all need to relax! Parks and Recreation was great. Portlandia was good. Now you say something!