Claire Danes Finally Breaks Legendary Silence About Cryface

The Claire Danes cryface took the Internet by storm months ago, and has earned a place in our collective memories for probably at least seven more months. It has also earned the honor of re-entering our collective memories in two years when it is included in a nostalgic supercut that only kids of the ’12s and ’13s will understand #grumpycat. Even so, Claire Danes herself has never made a public statement about this Internet supercut of and subsequent fascination with her cryface. What gives, Claire Danes? How loudly do we have to yell before you PAY ATTENTION TO US? Oh, but wait, nevermind. From The Huffington Post:

When the Claire Danes “cry face” supercut hit the Internet, longtime fans of the “Homeland” actress couldn’t get enough of her emotional chin quiver.

But Danes isn’t quite as enthusiastic over the attention she’s gotten for her on-screen tears lately.

“I have to say, I find it very odd that it’s been sort of objectified,” Danes told Elle magazine. “It’s just the way feelings register on my face. It’s not calculated; it’s not an aggressive gesture. It’s been isolated from the rest of my work, like it’s a tacked on thing. It’s not.”

Aww, Claire. Why don’t you go CRYFACE ABOUT IT! JK! I’m sure it’s horrible to see a very popular supercut of yourself doing anything over and over again, let alone making a completely ridiculous cryface. But also relax. Do you find it odd? Have you SEEN THE FACE? Have you been on the Internet? I don’t totally understand what you are saying, but let me at least point out that the nature of a supercut is to isolate something specific from the rest of something else, and that that doesn’t mean it is necessarily completely isolated forever. I don’t really believe anyone thinks it’s a tacked on thing. People understand what actresses and scripts are. You’re fine. Keep crying whenever you have to and never have a sense of humor about it. You gotta do you. More on this story as it develops.