The Baby Cage

One thing you hear a lot is that people who ignore herstory are doomed to repeat it, but the inverse is also true sometimes. People who ignore herstory can also be doomed not to repeat it, when maybe they should be repeating it! A lot of times, in the rush and tumble of progress, we leave behind perfectly good ideas. To use a fitting analogy, you’re not supposed to throw the baby out with the bath water, but sometimes you are in a hurry because the movie is about to start and you can’t just leave the house with all that bath water in there, so later, with your new baby, you should remember to put it in a cage so that the water can get through the bars of the cage and they can breathe the fresh street air. (Those who ignore analogies are doomed to make GREAT ANALOGY, GABE!) In conclusion, Baby Cage. Class dismissed.