Does Anyone Want To Go To Scotland Real Quick?

One question I never really have a good answer for when people ask, and they always do, for whatever reason this seems like a question that I’ve been asked many times by people (generally people I am related to) (generally I only talk to four close friends and the people I’m related to) who are trying to fill up some sort of silence, or trying to get to know something about me before I go back to New York after the holidays, and I’ve totally lost the thread of this sentence, but the question is: “Where do you want to travel to the most?” Or some sort of phrasing of that question that is more like how actual humans talk. People definitely have good and interesting answers for this (and, again, I do want to point out that by “people” I don’t mean actual “people,” I do mean Rory Gilmore when her grandpa asked her that one time on Gilmore Girls), but I always say, “Duuuh, i dunno, anywhere?” Partly because that is true, I would like to go anywhere, literally put me on a bus to New Jersey IDGAF, (just kidding) (NOT NEW JERSEY), but mostly because I just have never really put together a list. Paris? A beach that’s nice? I don’t know, Spain somewhere? But now, thanks to this wonderful video from Scotland’s VisitScotland tourism organization, I have my answer. (Scotland.)

SAY NO MORE, SCOTLAND, WE’RE ON OUR WAY! (Via TastefullyOffensive.)