Parenthood Season Finale Open Thread

Holy moly, so many things happened in the final episode of Parenthood’s fourth season last night! It was as if Jason Katims woke up in a cold sweat the night before writing the script and thought, “OH NO. I FORGOT TO START CLOSING OUT THESE CHARACTER ARCS. WHAT DO I DO? CLOSE THEM ALL AT ONCE FOR NO REASON IN A WAY THAT IS, YES, HEARTWARMING BUT DOES NOT REALLY MAKE SENSE IN TERMS OF ANY OF THE CHARACTERS’ PRIOR ATTITUDES OR MOTIVATIONS? YES, OK,” and then went back to sleep and slept fine and wrote the script the next day over lunch. Everything that happened — Victor finally, sweetly accepting his role as a Braverman, Amber and Ryan getting back together and looking at rings and giggling or whatever, Sarah being left with NO ONE (hahahahaha) (ahhhhhhh!) (my goodness, that was hilarious) (and so sad) (should’ve waited a day, Sarah!) (now you have to move to MINNESOTA?) (WITH RAY ROMANO?), Kristina having her final treatment and being declared cancer-free (for now), Crosby and Jasmine making amends with Jasmine’s awful mother, Haddie 100% not even existing any more at all, like, we’re not even going to Skype with her to see how she’s doing at school while we’re wrapping up everyone else’s stuff, Drew using Snapchat OF COURSE, etc. — all of it would’ve been perfectly fine, and certainly was where the entire season has been headed, but none of those plot lines seemed ready yet for the ending they were given. Two seconds ago Victor was a nightmare. Why does Sarah even like Ray Romano? He seems like a nightmare, too. Did she ever even like Mr. Teacher? Did Crosby and Jasmine coming to an agreement about Jasmine’s awful mother even matter, or are we just going to forget now that everyone is happy about the pregnancy? Will Kristina ever stop being mad when Adam surprises her with stuff? WHO KNOWS. But honestly, the season had up until this point been strong, and the rushed season finale, and the not so great episode before the season finale, only take away from that a little bit. (Maybe because there are always lots of little flaws with this show but it is always very easy to love it in spite of those flaws?) (JUST LIKE FAMILY?!) What did you guys think? Everyone watched it, right? You understood that it was an unspoken rule here that everyone had to watch it? I will be calling on whomever seems like they’re trying not to make eye contact.