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Most of us will never truly understand the horror and sacrifice of war. In a way, you could say that’s the whole point of war in the first place: to spare people from ever having to experience it. (Of course, the true point of war is usually, like, a Scrooge McDuck vault full of money steeping in a sweet tea of oil and/or some other natural resource. But it’s nicer, if not a little silly, to think that war is just a means to prevent future war. So let’s stick with that. Besides we’re just ramping up to talk about a very stupid looking movie. We don’t have to solve it all.) The new movie Lifted, though, looks like it’s finally going to give us a real taste of what war is like even for those of us who have never seen the fighting, and who have never had to leave our loved ones behind in order to do so. It all starts with your father (son, sister, brother, daughter, mother) telling you over breakfast in a very dark room–because I guess you don’t turn the lights on out of respect for war–that he (he, she, he, she, she) is being redeployed to Afghanistan. Tough stuff. Moments later, you have been entered into a local American Idol style contest, and you are raw-dogging a horrible song along to a guest RAP VERSE from your dad that he recorded in the desert on a Bose ipod dock. WAR TRULY IS HELL!

Dope movie. OUR generation’s Schindler’s List. Almost TOO realistic. Heard people were throwing up in the theater and that all of the world leaders agreed no more war because it is too hard and sad. NO SPOILERS but here is the movie’s ending if you can even bear it:

While some of us may not be able to relate to being a terrible rapper in Afghanistan to accompany our son’s Mr. Idaho Idol audition (i.e. relate to WAR) I think we all see a little bit of our own lives reflected in this super-relatable scene in which a mom picks her son up from school and then slowly drives him past the military graveyard without stopping. How else are you supposed to get home? All the while our ghost dad sits awkwardly on top of the car is he a ghost there is no way to tell but I like how he nods to the other soliders because he can’t let go of his handholds for fear of falling off the car but what is he scared of if he is a ghost so maybe he’s not a ghost but this is simply, like, an astral-projection of his spirit watching over them, except then he actually does take his hand off the hand-holds to salute the ghost soldiers in the graveyard so I guess he could have been saluting and waving the whole time but was just being a dick to the other astral spirit soldiers. The point is VERY GOOD MOVIE A++ ROGER EBERT GIVES IT TWO TWEETS! And God bless all of the angels on the moon. (Via ColeStryker.)