The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

Man, what a lousy day! For me specifically! It’s raining outside, when it should at least be SNOWING, I didn’t have any coffee left this morning somehow, I woke up late, I haven’t even taken a shower yet. Basically the worst day anyone has ever had. What else do you want to know about my day so far? Please leave any questions you have about anything that occurred during my day in the comments and I will do my best to get back to all of them, but I can’t promise anything. What I’m trying to say though is that I could really use a bunch of great ANIMAL VIDEOS to watch, to ease the pain of what has been the least pleasant day ever recorded in history, for anyone! (It hasn’t been bad at all.) (I know I am exaggerating and you know that I’m doing that for comedic effect, to point out how it actually hasn’t been that bad, but I do feel like I should also say that it has obviously been fine and I know that.) (Just kidding, I REALLY WANTED SOME COFFEE THIS MORNING!) I hope your day hasn’t been quite as bad as mine has, but even if it hasn’t I think a little animal video pick-me-up is something we could all enjoy! Let’s get to it!

10. Puppy Vs. Orange

9. Cat Wins Shell Game On First Try


7. Baby Panda Debuts At San Diego Zoo

6. Magician Pulls Cat Out Of Thin Air

5. Toaster Scares Kitten

4. Skyping Dogs

3. Monkey Rope Help

2. Dog Teaches Puppy How To Walk Down Stairs

1. Sloth Attack

SLOTH ATTACK! SLOTH ATTACK! SLOTH ATTACK! SLOTH ATTACK! I am not someone who is generally as crazy about sloths as the rest of the Internet, but I DO know a good sloth attack video when I see one, and BOY DO I SEE ONE! The dog teaching the puppy how to walk down the stairs is classic adorable, as is the monkey helping the other monkey and then hugging him. GIMME A BREAK, MONKEYS! I love you! Gabe said his favorite part about the skyping dogs video is the guy in the background who is acting like the whole thing isn’t annoying the shit out of him, and I have to agree. My other favorite part about it is how those dogs would definitely just bark at anything barking at them and it would be unbearable if it weren’t for an Internet video. And, finally, we have Toaster Scares Kitten ending the top five. BOO! CONGRATULATIONS! TO US!