Here Are Some Morning Links!

  • Joan Rivers does her best imitation of an upskirt photo with a weird mouth pillow and posts it to Twitter. All systems normal! -@Joan_Rivers
  • Lindsay Lohan looks for her phone (a suspenseful and dramatic scene from The Canyons with bonus dramatic GIFs) -BuzzFeed
  • “I can explain!”: A great supercut from the supercut people -Slacktory
  • Angus T. Jones returns to Two and a Half Men this week, oy. -AP
  • Never misspell Anne Hathaway’s name or you will force her to be “gauche” about it (nice $10 word, Anne!) -Dlisted
  • Jennifer Lawrence and the Dead Duck Day kid from About A Boy have split (WHAT, THEY WERE DATING?) -JustJared
  • Dr. Oz Demonstrates to Oprah How To Pop A Zit (caution: horrifying, disgusting, will haunt your dreams) -Oprah (h/t @maxsilvestri)
  • Heather Graham forgets to blow out candles, sets her penthouse on fire (Blow out your candles, guys!) -Perez
  • FOD released this Behind The Scenes pic with Al Roker. We know what this means!? #NeverTrustAFart -FunnyOrDie