Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • This is just a picture of Bill Murray and Kristen Wiig sharing a dance at last night’s Time Warner Cable Golden Globes Party -@ScottFeinberg
  • Jennifer Lawrence’s “I beat Meryl!” line during her Golden Globe acceptance speech was a quote from First Wives Club, because we all watch that movie SO much and walk around quoting First Wives Club ALL the time and we would DEFINITELY 100% understand that reference and not just think she was being impertinent, right? RIGHT? -MTV
  • What If Girls Was A Horror Movie? -TheWeek
  • Jodie Foster At The Golden Globes vs. Clint Eastwood At The RNC -IndecisionForever
  • The White House Explains Why It Isn’t Building A Death Star -/Film
  • Tommy Lee Jones Is Grumpy Cat, Grumpy Cat Is Tommy Lee Jones -FilmDrunk
  • Julie Klausner talks to Carrie Brownstein on How Was Your Week? -HowWasYourWeek
  • Golden Globes Ratings Best Since 2007, Revenge and Happy Endings Hit Lows -Deadline