The Perfect Crime: Dress Up As Smurfs And Cause Crimes

As Sean Connery famously said in the movie Entrapment, “Let’s dress up like Smurfs to cause our crimes that is the best way.” Ever since, it has been an endless string of copycat criminals, trying to be masters of crime in their Smurf costumes. We’ve all heard the stories. At this point, it is weird when someone causes a crime who is NOT in a Smurf costume. Are they trying to be caught? Is this the cry for help? Two mysteries. But today we have another story of another perfect crime caused in Australia by a gang in Smurf costumes. According to the news, they assaulted a man in a 7-11 parking lot after he refused to light their cigarette, which they asked him to light in the middle of trying to rob a car. So two great crimes all in one. This was probably their last job before they tried to go clean because they would make enough from the stolen white VS Commodore Sedan and the lit cigarette to retire to some garbage can somewhere. I’m not saying that I approve of causing crimes, because I don’t, but it’s always exciting to watch skilled professionals do incredible work. See the masters displaying their craft after the jump:

The Smurf is probably just using the card reader to check his bank balance and make sure the wire transfer of 100 cigarettes directly into his big account went through. Now he’s a ghost. Kaizer Smurfse. (GOOD ONE, GABE! THAT JOKE IS A CRIME!)