Girl Stuff: Suni Williams’ Space Station Hair

Helllooooooooooo NURSE! How are all of you ladies today? Layering for winter? Wearing leggings under your pants and then socks and boots, and then wearing a shirt and a sweater and a hoodie and a jacket, and also a hat? That’s great. It’s great to be a girl in the winter because you get to wear all of your clothes all at once, like you always want to (yes?), and no one can say anything about it. Anyway, so, how does your hair look today? Is it flying all over the place, suspended in the air like a crazy hair hat, while you float around the International Space Station, of which you are the commander, back in November? And everything you’re saying is so fascinating and it makes someone else who is watching you think, “Why didn’t I become an astronaut?” And then that person remembers, “Because I am not very smart to begin with, and also I was way too lazy, and also it would be too scary to go to space and I would never want to do it?” But still that person is very grateful that she at least gets to watch this video because holy moly this video? Is that what you’re hair is like today? Check it out, let’s see:

SUUUUUNNYYYYYYYY! I’m so sorry for how long this video is because I am positive that you are going to want to watch ALL OF IT. But, just, the sleeping station part at the beginning? CAN YOU IMAGINE? Floating into your bedroom that is on the “ceiling,” but not really because really there is no ceiling because you’re just floating around and it doesn’t matter what the top is and what the bottom is? My goodness. Just the best. I love this video. (Via TheAwesomer.)