Obama Invites Cast/Crew Of 1600 Penn To The White House

Great news, guys! All of the world’s wars and epidemic diseases and rampant global poverty and impending environmental disasters have all been resolved or averted, so there’s nothing left for the President of the United States to do but to invite the cast and crew of the upcoming NBC situational comedy set in the White House, The First Family 1600 Penn, for a private screening at the home of the Obamas. Yay! He earned it, but WE deserve it. From the HollywoodReporter:

The 1600 Penn cast and crew is heading to the real White House. President Obama will host a screening Wednesday for the White House comedy, which NBC sampled behind The Voice in December. It’s a reunion of sorts, since the half-hour comedy, which centers on a dysfunctional first family, was co-created by Obama’s former speech writer Jon Lovett.

All joking aside, I don’t think it matters if the President wants to invite casts and crews to the White House for private screening events. It is at least as valuable as “cleaning brush” on your farm. But this show? I get that it is set in the White House and is about a Presidential family and I get that there’s even a personal connection as the show was created by Obama’s former speech writer Jon Lovett, but it still feels like a bit much. Are you sure, Mr. President? Bear in mind, you can have a private screening of ANY SHOW THAT YOU WANT. What about, and I’m just spitballing here, what about PRETTY MUCH ANY OTHER SHOW? Send Mr. Lovett a nice card and a Harry & David basket of prunes. He’ll be fine. Screen Justified. #Justified