Here Are Some Morning Links!

  • Jimmy Fallon did that fun thing when shaving off his beard, trying out a bunch of different moustache looks in the process. Click through for a GIF of the results. Shown: the handlebar! -LateNightJimmy
  • Aziz Ansari Interviews Aziz Ansari About Being Aziz Ansari -Bullett
  • Rumor has it, there are 3 Ashleys on this season of The Bachelor. The Ashleys are too damn high! -BuzzFeed
  • Moving on up: Jimmy Kimmel Says Goodbye To Midnight, Starts at 11:35 Tonight. Semi-unrelated: Hey, did most of us watch The Man Show back in the day? -SplitSider
  • Rainn Wilson has a deep talk with Scott Hutchison, singer of Frightened Rabbit (& my hubs who doesn’t know it yet) inside a carpeted van, and does some real talk about his own career and The Office. Ask me about the time Scott and I were stuck in a doorway during a downpour and I was too scared to talk to him! -SoulPancake
  • Patrick Dempsey successfully outbid Starbucks to buy Tully’s Coffee. Decent grocery store beans at a slightly discounted rate, the cool sign on I-5, and better coffee drive-throughs will continue to be ours. -AP